Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some historical maps and themes for today

An early plat of "Nouvelle Orleans" from 1728

Spanish for fortification, 1763

British map from 1770

And more details on my map of important geographic points!

Today we're going to have some lecture materiel. Points considered will include:

1) How did the literary efforts of early settlers and visitors to New Orleans transmit what they observed to audiences in France, and how did these efforts shape the popular image of the city as a "New Babylon?"
2) Why was the planning of the French Quarter so important to John Law's company? Who was Pauger and what sort of problems did he confront?
3) After the collapse of John Law's company in 1731, New Orleans had to turn to new ways of making money. What was the basis for this economy and why was so much of this trade illicit?

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