Sunday, November 14, 2010

Calendar for the rest of the semester

We have 4 weeks left. Here are the highlights: After turning in the third essay on Tuesday, we will discuss the second-to-last short reading section of Bienville's Dilemma. I suspect a lot of you have not yet started reading Carnival of Fury. I expect a spirited discussion of the first six chapters come Thursday 11/18.  

The final segment of our class is going to focus on twentieth century New Orleans as a product of nineteenth century legacies. 

A VERY IMPORTANT DEADLINE to me is 11/22. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING WITH YOUR RESEARCH BY THEN. What do I mean by a "draft outline?" If you could give me a paragraph explaining the basic idea of your essay. Alternatively, a short outline. Alternative to that, a list of four or six or however main points that you will address in your research essay. I think it is important that you have some plan or confront the fact that you have no plan *yet* before you head out for Thanksgiving. If you aren't going to be here on the 22nd (for some reason) be sure you set up an appointment to see me individually. Whatever you do, don't let that deadline pass.

Week 12: Segregated New Orleans
T 11/16: BD: 174-185: TURN IN TEST 3
R 11/18: Carnival of Fury Chap. 1-6

Week 13
T 11/22: BD: 219-224 / Turn in draft outline of essay / Carnival of Fury Chap. 7-10
R 11/24 – Thanksgiving Break

Week 14
T 11/29: Turn in TEST 4 / BD: 185-193
R 12/2: All on Mardi Gras Day, Chap. 8 (on Blackboard)

Week 15
T 12/7: CNO: Chap. 6 / Turn in rough draft of essay
R 12/9: Lords of Misrule, Chap x (on Blackboard), Receive Test 5 questions

(Final Exam Day): Turn in Test 5 / submit final essay in electronic form.

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