Thursday, December 9, 2010

More tips on your paper

1.) Give your paper a title.

2.) Geocode: Give me an address that relates to your topic. Make sure it is a valid street address or a specific location that I can map.

3.) Put your name at the end, like this:

Bob Smith
Loyola University New Orleans

4.) I do not want a bibliography. Before your end notes, please put a "For further reading." This will list one or ideally two books or articles or a link to a website where a reader can find more information about your topic, either generally or specifically. But give me no more than three. This is not unlike Wikipedia.

5.) Images: Include any images you might have separately on a CD that you will provide to me. Include a list of the images with the file names, citing the source of each image. I'll have a student assistant go through these at some point, so be as specific as possible.

6.) Your essay needs to be on the CD in Microsoft Word (doc or docx) format.

7.) I will have a spindle of CDs in the history office tomorrow. Be sure to label the CD with a sharpie. I also want a printed copy.


it is 1920s, not NOT 1920's. They are not possessive.

South is capitalized, as is Civil War.

Here is the order your paper should follow:


Text of your paper

Loyola University New Orleans

For further reading:



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